Overview of Covington Farm & Fuel, LLC

CF&F is a local owned company now serving the Alleghany Highlands from three
Covington locations
. The main Farm & Fuel store (Open 24hrs / 7days a week) brings
forward a huge array of retail solutions for petroleum products, hardware, electrical
supplies, plumbing
, animal health, pet supplies, animal feed, Southern States products,
Stihl Equipment, Gravely mowers, lawn & garden tools, logging supplies, safety
equipment, equine goals, and much more.

At CF&F there's a special pride taken in providing a special emphasis on
discount fuel
through the
Priority Customer Program.

At the other two locations the emphasis is on automotive repair. The CF&F Auto Shop is
focused mainly on Car & Light truck repairs with the doors open
8 am to 8 pm 7 days per
week, every week.

Our Third Location is the CF&F Truck Shop dealing with heavy trucks, trailers, heavy
equipment and buses. Here too the hours are designed to better serve our customers
8am to 6pm 7 days per week. The CF&F truck shop features a 24hour emergency road
repair service as well.

We have
Ethanol FREE fuel! Our farm and fuel store has an attendant at the helm 24/7
including Christmas and all other major holidays.
So we're always here for you!
What we do

Our Auto Shop offers full mechanic service including state inspections, custom exhaust,
tires, oil changes, transmission work, major engine repairs, and more.

We carry the "Master Installer" certification by the
Jasper Engines & Transmission
company. Other certified services include: High Rail, VA State Inspection, DOT, Air Brake &

Our truck and heavy equipment shop offers a whole array of services including truck
washes, in-frames, tires, all inspections (high-rail, DOT,  State [car, trailer, truck,
motorcycle, etc.], etc.).  

Our Auto shop on 1121 S Alleghany Avenue across from Hardees.  
Phone: (540) 962-4400
Open 7 Days a week! 12hours a day! 8AM - 8PM

Truck and Heavy equipment shop is located on the corner of Highland Avenue and
Fudge Street across from Fisher Auto Parts.
Phone: (540) 962-9820
Open 7 Days a week! 8AM - 6PM

Small Engine shop is located out our 121 N Alleghany Avenue location in view of
Phone: (540)962-1983
Open 7 Days a week! 8AM - 5PM

Farm and Fuel store is located on 121 N Alleghany Avenue right in view of
MEADWESTVACO, our local paper mill.
Phone: (540) 962-1983
Farm store open 7AM - 7PM everyday!
Fuel is on sale 24/7 someone is always here for you!
Covington Farm & Fuel, LLC
At your service.....
24 Hour Emergency Roadside Service
Heavy Truck, Trailer, & Equipment Repair
Auto & Light Truck Repair
Small Engine Repair
Logging Supplies
Road Diesel, Dyed Off-Road Diesel
Sunoco Racing Fuel
Heating Oil / Kerosene
Ethanol FREE Gasoline
Tires - Truck, Auto, Trailer, Farm Tractor &